Jangkar Waterfall, Air Tejun Jangkar Sarawak 2017

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In this post I will share about Jangkar Waterfall, and its location, map, how to get there, contact number, and the entrance fee to this place.  Last Saturday, my friends and I went to JangkarWaterfall at Lundu,Sarawak. At night before we go there, I have done some research about the place. I still have no idea about Jangkar after reading a lot of websites about Jangkar. 

Now I have experienced the journey.  So today, I’m going to share with you guys about my journey to Jangkar Waterfall. I just want to mention that, in this post, I'll write in English and Malay in order to make it more easy to be understood.

Second Falls

We started our journey from Kuching at 8 a.m. It’s better for you guys to start a journey as early as you can so you don’t have to trek in warm temperature. It’s quite warm there, and don’t bring too many things as it can slow you down. Just bring 2 bottles (800ml) mineral water with you is enough. If you planned to go for the first waterfall, just bring things that important to you such as your extra clothing and towel. You are stupid enough not to swim there.

At top of First Falls (base of 2nd falls).

Where Is Jangkar Waterfall? Dimana Letaknya Air Terjun Jangkar.
Jangkar waterfall is located at Kampung Jantan, Lundu. Please use your waze GPs signal. Although I have been raised in Kuching, Sarawak, I also need Waze to lead me there. I think the route is quite simple, maybe I will draw a maps for that location from Kuching(mjc). Just type Jangkar Waterfall in your Waze, it will lead you straight there.

Air Terjun Jangkar terletak di kawasan Lundu Kampung Jantan. Di sempadan negara. Kalau tak tahu jalan, boleh guna waze seperti yang saya buat. Dan taip Jangkar Waterfall/ Air Terjun Jangkar. Waze akan menunjuk jalan pergi ke Jangkar. Di simpang belok ke lundu(kanan). Jangan belok, terus ikut waze belok ke kiri jalan menuju ke Sematan.

Click Here For The Exact Location : Jangkar Waterfall

Second Falls

What Is The Entrance Fees to this Place? Bayaran masuk yang dikenakan untuk pergi tempat ini?
At first, I thought that my group can do trekking by ourselves. But then, at the entrance of Kampung Jantan, there will be a group of kids waiting for you there. All you need to do is ask them where’s Jangkar. Actually, one of them is going to be your guide to the waterfall. The fees may be changed over time. In* my time (4.2.2017), they charged us Rm50  because our group only has 4 people. If your group has more than 5 people, they will charge you RM10 per person.

Bayaran masuk RM10/seorang jika datang seramai 5 orang dan ke atas. Jika 4 orang ke bawah, anda perlu bayar RM50 untuk satu team itu. Jadi anda perlu bahagikan lah kalau 4 orang bahagi rm50. Berapa seorang perlu bayar.


At first falls. 

Is the trek challenging? Susah tak trek dia?
For me the trek to the first falls is just a piece of cake if you are an active person who love to hike.  I just managed to go up to the second falls. It takes me about 5 minutes to reach to the second falls from the first falls.  If I’m not mistaken, there’s 7 waterfalls, there's 22 waterfalls at Jangkar. Many tourists or hikers manage to reach at first falls. I’m not planning to hike till to the 22nd falls. I think the first falls of the waterfall  is enough. The view of waterfall at first stage is really amazing and stunning. The height of the first falls is quite higher than the second’s.

Trek tak susah kalau dah biasa mendaki. Untuk ke waterfall yang pertama, perjalanan dia memang mudah. Cuma agak jauh je lah. Jalan pun tak berbukit sangat. Rasa jalan mendatar sahaja. Tapi untuk naik ke stage 2 atau waterfall ke dua. Kena pakai banyak sikit stamina sebab memang curam. Tapi nak naik ke stage ke dua itu hanya mengambil masa 5 minit sahaja. Sebab ianya curam dan mendaki curam lebih laju dari berjalan di jalan rata.

Plenty of car parks provided for tourists.
Is it dangerous to go there?  Bahaya tak pergi sana?
At night before I went here, that question had been playing on my mind. Is it safe to go there as it's kinda remote place. I have never been there before. I have googled about the safety of that area. So, based on my experience been here, all I can say is it is safe. The villagers are really friendly, the area is really clean. You can only spot few rubbish on the road or on the trek. The guide was also friendly as the guide's age is very young (13 years old).  As I go here, I haven’t experienced any bad thing.

I don’t know what else should I write here. Since I just reached to the second waterfall of Jangkar. So, all I can conclude is, the first falls is the best fall of them all. I mean Jangkar has 7 falls 23 waterfalls, but the first one is the most stunning fascinating.

Shout out to My Squad. That little kid is our guide. 

If you want to contact my tour guide, you may call his father’s.  0148999158. I forgot what his father’s name is.

My Squad is amazing, and we made it to Jangkar Waterfall Lundu (at first falls). Congrats guys. 

My squad is really crazy, after we have done our hiking activity, we straight away go to Hartz Chicken Buffet at Kuching Town  to fuel up our energy. That's insane and not healthy at all but we're really famished on that day.  That's why we can't control our appetite. 

If you've anything to ask, don't hesitate to ask me through comment below.

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best gilerr waterfall ni .. tapi jauh la dekat sarawak . kalau dekat semenanjung dh lama aril pergi . huhuhu . aril minat vigorous activity ni . hahahhaa

Balas delete

Best dapat buat aktiviti lasak ni. Tak semua mampu buat. ada yang mampu tapi lebih selesa dudok rumah :D

Kalau dtg kuching. Maybe saya sarankan shah pergi ke Gunung Santubong je. Kat sana ada air terjun juga. Just nak ke Jangkar ni memang takes time. Jadi mcm pelancong yg dtg kejap je kuching. Memang akan burn sehari di Jangka ni . sebab perjalanan jauh juga.

Kalau stay kuching dalam masa 5 hari . Bolehlah pergi Jangkar Lundu ni.

Balas delete

After this, you can also try Sebako waterfall, its at the same mountain range.

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